Drupal 8

Popular, modern, well supported, open source CMS.

Convivial has been implemented on top of Drupal 8, a popular, modern, well supported, open source content management system. Drupal provides a solid and flexible foundation for feature development, making it a very good choice for sites which need features out of the box but also with the option of expanding in the future. 

Drupal has a large range of contributed modules provided by the open source developer community. Contributed modules cover pretty much all areas of web development, extending the core functionality of Drupal. The chances are that the functionality you require is available already or can be assembled from Drupal building blocks. 


In addition to Drupal 8, Convivial is based on GovCMS, a Drupal distribution targeting Australian government authoring. It has a strong focus on media handling, content workflow and flexible layouts.

Making it easier for agencies to create modern, affordable, responsive websites to better connect government with people.


GovCMS provides a strong and stable foundation for Convivial, allowing us to focus on providing components and features, with the underlying platform taken care of.

Drupal, building blocks for flexibility

Drupal excels when it comes to modelling, managing and displaying content. That is the bread and butter of Drupal. If your requirements are somewhat more demanding than the usual blog and brochureware site, the chances are the Drupal will be a good fit for you. Drupal provides the tools to handle your content, the way you want, allowing custom solutions to be built. This is why Drupal has excelled in the areas of enterprise, government, education, media and publishing.

Drupal achieves this flexibility by being comprised of smaller building bricks than other systems, allowing them to be put together in more intricate ways. This involves more “site building” time and can lead to longer build times than other CMS systems which provide a more rigid, out of the box experience.

Convivial jump starts Drupal

Convivial addresses this problem by doing the hard work up from and solving the common problems in sensible ways. There is little point reinventing the wheel for every site build - this just takes time away from doing the things we want to do – solve customer problems.

Convivial ships with a sensible starting point for the key Drupal components:

  • content types
  • media
  • roles
  • workflow
  • displays
  • seo
  • page building.

We have found that these out for the box settings suit 90% of sites we have been working on. What about the other 10%? These settings are not set in stone, they are just starting points. They can generally be adjusted to get the results that you want.

The best of both worlds

Drupal is a flexible CMS, capable of many things. Convivial provides a friendly starting point for site development and a friendly set of tools for managing the site. The end result is a powerful and approachable CMS which will grow with your needs.