Use the power of Drupal to build the site as you like. Convivial is just a starting point. 

It provides a number of tools and structures to help build sites quickly and effectively. From this starting point it is possible to build sites in a natural way without significant limitation. It is possible to alter the structure and configuration by adding new:

  • content types,
  • vocabularies,
  • paragraph types,
  • custom blocks
  • fields,
  • roles and 
  • views.

And of course it is also possible to add content as you like, augmented by Modifiers, which are capable of styling up content on a page.

However, Convivial does make a small number of decisions which are difficult to change. We have kept these at a minimum and have attempted to provide a wide range of options to handle most use cases. These areas include:
the base set of modules in the build
layout templates for structuring pages
view mode templates for rendering teasers etc.

Outgrowing Convivial

If you do outgrow the featureset of Convivial, this is not a problem. Your installation can be moved off the shared platform and into an environment just for you site. It then becomes possible to add new modules and to do custom work on your site.