Common services include Google Analytics and Salesforce.

There are many modules which have been contributed to Drupal, extending its functionality. These extension include modules which handle third party integrations. Obviously the scope for these is very wide.

Convivial takes quite a conservative approach to the modules it includes out of the box. In the basic build you will find:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Add This
  • Salesforce.

Google Analytics and Add This have been included due to its popularity. Google Tag Manager is a useful option for those clients who wish to have control over the scripts they wish to embed. Finally, we wanted to make Convivial CRM ready and have included Salesforce integration for this reason.

If the requirements of your site need further integrations to these, then we have options.

  • Sometimes components can be embedded into the page via an HTML snippet.
  • Arbitrary Javascript can also be injected into pages if required.

Finally if further server side logic is required, the Convivial site can be migrated off the hosted platform and implemented as a custom site for you.