Search and filter content and media.

Convivial provides a powerful search solution suitable for indexing and filtering content and media.
Index Content and Media

It is possible to index content (pages, articles, events, etc) and media (documents, video) into one index. With this approach Media is treated as a first class aset alongside Content. This is very helpful if you have a document heavy site or where videos play an important part.


Drupal comes with powerful data modeling capabilities and supports taxonomies and relationships between entities. This makes it possible to easily build Faceted Search interfaces. Users are provided with a list of facets where they can filter search results. This is very helpful when users which to narrow results by the type of things, rather than the search query alone. Convivial can be easily adapted to show the facets applicable to your website.

PDF contents

Convivial supports the indexing of the contents of PDF documents.


Sometimes search results need to be tweaked to get the results you want. This can involved boosting the importance of the search title over the body, or perhaps boosting Content over Media. If required we are able to investigate these options to deliver results which behave closed to what you would expect.