Convivial CXP

Convivial CXP is a personalisation-ready, content experience platform, built on Drupal. It offers a flexible, open pathway for organisations adopting Drupal as a key part of their marketing stack.

Who is Convivial for?

Who is Convivial for?

Convivial is for those who wish to take their website to the next level. Enhance your Drupal website with the power of AI and Personalisation

What makes Convivial special


Help your users achieve their goals faster with improved user flows and relevant, promoted tasks tailored to their context and journey.

Why personalisation?

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AI framework for Drupal

Augmentor is an AI framework for Drupal which allows for the easy integration of disparate AI systems into Drupal.

Augmentor provides a plugable ecosystem for managing a variety of AI services such as GPT3, ChatGPT, NLP Cloud, Google Cloud Vision and many more.

How AI can help you

Drupal and AI connecting


Collaborative filtering is where we track user behaviour across several different users and then provide recommendations. If users like similar things it’s a fair bet that similar users will also like the same kinds of content.

Learn about recommendations

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Be up and running in time for that looming deadline. Our no-code page layout tools and components will empower you to get the information just right for engagement.

Easily create campaigns

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Convivial CXP is a feature-rich content experience platform. It offers pre-built content types and a treasure chest of drag-and-drop components. No coding is needed, just unleash your creativity and build personalised pages that captivate your audience.

Useful features out of the box

Examples of Convivial's extended components

Flexible design system with Bootstrap 5

Accessible and compliant themes designed for government. Helping you you build rich experiences supported by a wide range of content types straight out of the box.

Example of Convivial themes

Who’s using convivial?

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Visit our demo site

See personalisation in action

We created the Convivial CXP Demo site as a minimalistic ‘bookshop’ with sample content. As you browse the site content, properties about your interaction such as topics or authors you’re interested in and the audience type you lean towards are used to promote relevant information to help you further explore the site content.

Visit the demo site

Bookshop built with convivial screenshot and logos


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