Content recommendations are personalised suggestions for articles, music, videos, podcasts, or any other type of content. These are shown to users based on their individual interests, preferences and past interactions on your site.

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Why recommendations?

Why recommendations?

Improve your users’ engagement by keeping them exploring and discovering content with recommendations. By getting relevant content suggestions, a user would feel satisfied your site understands their needs and interests. This can ultimately help you reduce bounce rates and increase conversion rates.

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How it works

How it works

Morpht has partnered with Recombee, a leading AI-powered Recommender as a Service, to develop a Drupal module to extend its suite of personalisation tools. By tracking user interaction with your site content and leveraging the ‘wisdom of the crowd’, relevant recommendations can be displayed in defined sections on your sites. You see examples of such recommendations in action on services like Amazon, Netflix, and Spotify.

Recommendations features

The system learns from real-time user behaviour and runs on advanced algorithms to personalise content suggestions.

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Recent and similar content

Displays content a user recently interacted with and supplements it with suggestions of content similar to what they’re interested in.

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Collaborative filtering

Analyses user behaviour and recommends content similar to what other users with similar tastes have enjoyed.

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Latest and popular

Displays recently released content and supports it with trending content that's garnered the most engagement.

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The system can be customised to specific business needs and goals, including different recommendation types and layouts.

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