Craft personalised marketing campaigns that convert customers with messaging that resonates deeply and a design that keeps them engaged. With our no-code components and layout tools, you can create impactful landing pages in minutes.

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Why Campaigns?

Why Campaigns?

You’re launching a new service or releasing a new report. What better way to introduce your audience with an overview of the features and highlight the benefits with the use of immersive landing pages? This is where our toolset comes in handy.

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How it works

How it works

Direct traffic from your advertising, newsletters, or promotions on other owned media using tracking codes. These codes will get passed to your site to update users’ personalisation profiles. Your users will then see tailored messages on campaign landing pages you’ve crafted with our intuitive editor-friendly layout tools. 

Campaign features

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Campaign personalisation

Use campaign tracking codes to customise messaging across your site and landing page.

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Components and layouts

Use our editor-friendly tools to create captivating campaign landing pages.

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Colour and motion

Improve the impact of your pages by adding changing colour palettes and animations.

See personalisation in action

See personalisation in action

We created the Convivial CXP Demo site as a minimalistic ‘bookshop’ with some sample content. As you browse the site content, properties about your interaction such as the topics or the authors you’re interested in and the audience type you lean towards are used to promote relevant content to help you further explore content.

View the demo site

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Example landing pages

These example pages demonstrate what you can do with our toolset. But, you can do more. Tell us what you're thinking and we'll help you craft ones for your needs. 


A convivial campaign page example

A convivial campaign page example


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